Cycle Repairs And Service

Servicing on any bike is essential to keep it running efficiently.  Regular maintenance of your bike will mean that it is enjoyable and safe to ride and will last longer.

Please note that these are guide prices only – all workshop pricing is at our mechanics discretion and we will give you a detailed estimate before carrying out any work.

Cycle Service

We offer 2 levels of servicing

Safety Check Service


Recommended if the bike needs basic, minor attention.

All bolts checked and tightened, gears and brakes adjusted and setup.  Tyre pressures checked and wheels trued if necessary.  Any parts fitted will incur additional cost.

Standard Service


Recommended every 12 months, depending on use.

As safety check service plus hub, headset and drive-chain condition assessment (hub or headset service will incur additional costs).  Gear and brake cables replaced (cable costs included). Any other parts fitted will incur additional costs.

Additional fitted parts will incur a fitting cost, adjustments included in service price (applicable to level of service).


Hub Service – front £10.00

Hub Service – rear £15.00

True and Tension check £8.00

Replacement Front Spoke £8.00

Replacement Rear Spoke £10.00

Replace Front Wheel £5.00

Replace Rear Wheel £10.00

Tube Replacement £5.00

Tyre Replacement £5.00


Steering / Headset

Fit bar tape £5.00

Headset service £12.00

Replace Headset £20.00

Headset adjustment £5.00

Fit Forks £20.00


Bottom Bracket

Bottom Bracket service £12.00

Replace bottom bracket £20.00



Replace shifter set £15.00

Mech set up – front/rear £15.00

Replace hanger £15.00

Replace chainset/bottom bracket £20.00

Front and Rear gear adjustment £10.00

Repair/replace chain £5.00

Replace cassette/freewheel £10.00



Brake set up £10.00

Change brake cable £5.00

Change Brake pads £5.00